about me

Hi, I'm Gerardo. I'm an Australian enduring a second stint in London, original right?


There are days where I feel as though I'm succeeding, and others where I feel I'm just fumbling my way through it all. I guess it's just typical of being queer, mixed-race or indeed living in nearly every modern metropolis around the world.


I'm here because I want to share stories from all across the world, and expand our understanding of what it means to be driven, queer, mixed race, or even just 'different' in these modern times. 


I see this space blossoming into a platform that allows us to explore and understand more about one another, be it what unifies or divides us. 

I've had my fair share of struggle in the relatively short time I've been around, but I want to share my stories and highlight the stories of others, so that we can start to understand and celebrate our commonalities.

Its the unexpected commonalities that will unify us, make us feel heard, and ultimately realise that we are  one of many  people, stories, and tribes.


© one of many